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CHCI-Toyota Intern
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
School: Southern Methodist University
Major: Human Rights, Educational Studies, and Spanish
Placement: The Office of Rep. Sylvia Garcia

Guadalupe Roman was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Her parents immigrated from Mexico when they were teenagers. The lack of opportunity for her parents to attend formative education fueled her passion for equitable access to education for all. As a first-generation American, high school graduate, and college student she works with other underrepresented students to aid in college advising.

Guadalupe currently attends Southern Methodist University where she is getting three degrees in Human Rights, Spanish, and Educational Studies. As part of paying it forward, she will also graduate with a teaching certification in Spanish and Special Education. In 2021, she was a panelist for the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women parallel event on access to girls’ education and continues to work for structural change in the education system. In the future, she would like to pursue a Ph.D. in Education with a focus on public policy and work in public school district administration.

As a CHCI Intern, she would like to connect constituents in a more intimate way with their representatives by first learning more about the legislative processes and then building conversations about how these processes work.