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CHCI-Walmart Intern
Hometown: Carrollton, Texas
School: University of North Texas at Dallas
Major: General Business
Placement: The Office of Rep. Sylvia Garcia

Raimon was born and raised in the neighborhood of Carrollton in Dallas, Texas by his father who immigrated to the United States from Cuba. As a son of immigrants, Raimon understands the importance of completing his education to be able to give back to his family and community. He is very involved in his community averaging a total of 236 hours of community service and also worked for his local Chamber of Commerce learning the ins and outs of the business. Raimon has always pushed himself beyond his limits to achieve his goals no matter how hard or impossible they have seemed, striving to make his family and community proud. Raimon is currently a junior at the University of North Texas at Dallas majoring in General Business. He has been able to obtain many scholarships and has made it to where he does not need pay to attend college, but rather gets paid to attend college. He is also a new Kohlberg-Manacher Foundation Scholarship recipient and looks forward to being able to give back to that program. Upon completing his undergraduate degree, Raimon plans on attending Law School and practicing immigration law. His ultimate career goal is to open his own law firm and aid immigrants with a stepping stone toward the American Dream.

As a CHCI Intern, Raimon hopes to strengthen his knowledge of the legislative process. He hopes to be able to use this experience to make a difference in the Latinx community nationwide, and inspire others to do the same.