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2023-2024 Fellowship Program Dates: August 23, 2023 – May 24, 2024

Empower the Future Policymaker Within You

Begin your path toward becoming one of our nation’s future Latino policymakers. Recent college graduates can take advantage of this paid fellowship, which opens doors for talented young Latinos who are pursuing a career in public policy. Our goal is to help you accelerate your career in public policy so that more Latinos attain higher levels of policy leadership, which will make a better America for us all. You will spend nine months working in Washington, D.C., with significant exposure to leaders in congressional offices, federal agencies, national nonprofit advocacy organizations, government-related institutes, and more—growing both personally and professionally during your fellowship experience.

As a CHCI Public Policy Fellow, you will immerse yourself in the legislative process, spending four days each week (Monday-Thursday) learning all facets of public policy. On Fridays, you will join other fellows for a full day of leadership development centered on CHCI’s four Pillars of Leadership—Civic Engagement, Social Responsibility, Self Empowerment, and Promoting Community and Hispanic Culture. Your weekly programming will also prepare you to fully understand policy issues facing the Latino community and how to propose effective solutions by critically examining all sides and implications of these issues.

Build a Competitive Résumé

Your experience working as a CHCI Public Policy Fellow provides an impressive start to your professional résumé. Whether you want to remain in the public sector or take a position in the private sector, you will have unparalleled opportunities for meaningful work experience, outstanding leadership development, and establishing professional connections—with members of Congress, CHCI’s board, alumni and staff, supervisors and co-workers, and corporate partner liaisons, just to name a few—during your fellowship. In addition to working for members of Congress and select senate and house committees, fellows have worked with these and other remarkable organizations:

Access Latino Leaders Dedicated to Change

During the nine-month program, you will have access to a myriad of Latino professionals— including accomplished CHCI Alumni—from a variety of industries, who generously give of their time as guest speakers and mentors. You will have opportunities to get to know their stories of personal achievement as well as challenges they overcame to be successful in their fields.

Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Gain an advantage in your professional life. An integral part of CHCI’s Public Policy Fellowship is the leadership development component. Refine your leadership skills with weekly programming that will foster your professional growth. You will have access to national leaders who will engage you in meaningful dialogue about important issues—to the Latino community and our nation.

Increase Self and Social Awareness

Since you are considering a career in public policy, it’s likely you’re already interested in civic engagement. However, CHCI’s fellowship program allows you to take it one step further by connecting issues in the Latino community to viable service opportunities. As a CHCI Public Policy Fellow, you will participate in both individual and group community service hours to strengthen your understanding between policy and service. The service component of the program will help you understand how important it is to remain socially involved and pay it forward for the next generation of Latino leaders.

Expand Your Network

You will get to know your Public Policy Fellowship program participants extremely well. Many friendships that begin during the Public Policy Fellowship program last a lifetime as fellows often stay in touch over the course of their professional careers. You will also build vital relationships with the CHCI Alumni Association, a network of more than 4,000 Latino professionals located across the country who are ready to support you in achieving your dreams.

Start Your Policy Career with CHCI

Accelerate your public policy career with a paid CHCI fellowship.

Download the Public Policy Fellowship Program Flyer or click here for Eligibility & Program Details.

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