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CHCI-API Graduate Fellow

Hometown: Miami, FL
School: University of Miami
Degree:-Master of Latin American Studies
Placement One: Office of Congressman Vicente González
Placement Two: American Petroleum Institute

A proud Miami native, Angel Vallejos (He, Him, His) has worked for numerous causes such as political campaigns, labor issues, and environmental justice. Raised in a union household to an ironworker and a housekeeper, Angel has a deep interest in the labor movement and seeks to understand how to grow union representation among Latinos. Currently, Angel is passionate about identifying real-world solutions for workers in the energy sector. Having worked on campaigns to recruit workers for pipelines, Angel is a firm believer in the opportunities afforded to the working class through the trades. To better understand the plight of American workers, Angel has worked on campaigns with diverse populations, from CBAs in inner cities to campaigns in the rural Northeast.

A proud graduate of the University of Miami’s Latin American Studies program, Angel immersed himself in the region to better understand the socio-economic conditions immigrant workers are fleeing. As the son of Nicaraguan immigrants, Angel’s research analyzed the history of Nicaragua’s authoritarian rule and legacy.
As a CHCI API Graduate Fellow, Angel aims to learn more about the challenges facing workers in the energy sector. He hopes to utilize his personal experiences to continue advocating for job training opportunities in the trades. A strong believer in bottom-up organizing, Angel believes this opportunity will give him the tools to impact policy through collective action from legislators and community leaders.