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CHCI-AHIP Health Graduate Fellow

Hometown: Las Cruces, New Mexico
School: University of Denver
Degree: Master of Science in Healthcare Management Leadership and Healthcare Policy
Placement: The Office of Senator Martin Heinrich

Christopher “Christo” Luna (he/him/his) was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico and was raised in a Mexican household by his single mom. Christo has one sister that he is very close to and she is about to complete her bachelor’s degree. From a very young age, Christo has been involved in many leadership roles and has been active in his community by volunteering with his church, the local soup kitchen, the Rotary Club, and the American Legion. Despite experiencing hardship Christo excelled personally and academically and was awarded the Daniels Fund Scholarship for his exceptional character, leadership, and commitment to serving their community.

Christo earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with minors in Chemistry and Gender and Women’s Studies from the University of Denver. He then continued his education and graduated with two master’s degrees, Master of Science Healthcare Management Leadership and Healthcare Policy. Christo has always had a passion for helping people and working in healthcare. He has worked in various hospital settings in the Denver area but one of his most valuable experiences was when he was a fellow at the Denver Capitol. He was a fellow for the Colorado Latino Leadership, Advocacy and Research Organization (CLLARO). This experience allowed Christo to better understand the issues facing Latinx communities and why Latinx people need to be more involved in government policy. Christo spent two years of the pandemic in the emergency department as a Care Coordinator. He helped patients navigate their social determinants of health to ensure successful health outcomes. Christo is passionate about healthcare, women’s rights, and equity for marginalized communities.

As a CHCI-AHIP Health Graduate Fellow, Christo is looking forward to gaining a better understanding of the legislative process and identifying gaps in policies that affect marginalized communities. He plans to use his past experiences to advocate for underserved communities in healthcare policy. His goals within the program are to gain more leadership skills and a better understanding of the issues affecting his community. Christo plans to return to his communities to have an active role in shaping legislation and being a catalyst for change.