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CHCI-Coca-Cola Foundation Intern

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
School: University of California, Berkeley
Major: Legal Studies
Placement: The Office of Rep. Jimmy Gomez

Rosemarie, Guatemalan-American, was born and raised in South Los Angeles by her parents and two older sisters. As a first-generation college student, Rosemarie wanted to take advantage of the opportunities her parents never had and wanted to make the most of her educational experience, seeking to change systemic injustices and inequality.

She is a recent graduate from the University of California Berkeley who studied Legal Studies and Political Economy. During her four years, she dedicated her extracurricular activities to serve and represent minority and low-income students. Rosemarie was a part of student government and took on roles writing policy and bills that served the campus community and gave voices to the students who otherwise would not be heard, holding the Chancellor and Academic Affairs accountable to student needs. Furthermore, her part-time job throughout University with Jumpstart aimed at closing the educational gap among low-funded schools and higher-resourced schools.

Rosemarie aspires to attend law school and become a lawyer to help communities and people in need. Her career goal is to become either Attorney General of California or a Congresswoman and ultimately become a Supreme Court Justice to represent underserved and historically discriminated communities and people of color.

As a CHCI Intern, Rosemarie hopes to gain more experience and insight into the Congressional process. She would want to delve deeper to understand how community needs are being responded to and learn more about the legal limitations and rules to help bring more equality and break societal stigmas of people of color.