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CHCI-Coca-Cola Foundation Intern
Hometown: Saint Cloud, Florida
School: Florida State University
Major: History, Risk Management, and Finance
Placement: The Office of Rep. Rashida Tlaib

Francisco was born in the East Village neighborhood of New York City to a Puerto Rican New Yorker father and a Dominican immigrant mother from San Juan Province. Francisco’s parents brought him up to understand the poverty his parents worked out of and the extreme importance of education. He is part of his family’s second-generation to attend University, starting with Dual Enrollment in High School and currently at Florida State University. He joined the American Red Cross’ North Florida Division when he began his first semester at Florida State after writing a history paper on the ARC. Francisco worked with fire and disaster prevention in low-income families within and around Tallahassee.

Francisco is a triple major in History, Risk Management, and Finance. His passion is with history as he strives to learn from past lessons. He aims to help the less fortunate with private finances and insurance coverage with his finance and risk management majors. After completing his studies, Francisco seeks to find solutions to reform the United States healthcare insurance industry and later continue financing education and international integration. He believes that these programs and policies will best aid the impoverished within and without the United States, both financially and academically.

As a CHCI Intern, Francisco hopes to improve his understanding of the American legislature to write and propose health insurance reforms. He also hopes to gain personal knowledge in community relations operations and learn the electorate’s concerns.