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Fall 2020 CHCI-Walmart Intern

Hometown: Houston, Texas
School: Georgetown University
Major: Government

Miles Aceves-Lewis is foremost a proud Texan, Christian, Mexican American, and African American. A native Houstonian, he began studying at Georgetown University in the Fall of 2018 and aims to Major in Government and a double minor in Journalism and Justice & Peace Studies. While in Washington, Miles spends most of his extracurricular focus on mentoring youth. Whether reaching out to at-risk youth, preparing middle-schoolers for high school and beyond, or bonding with residents of a juvenile detention facility, he is very engaged in giving back to under-served communities. On-campus, Miles has been involved in artistic ventures, such as singing in Georgetown’s Gospel Choir, working on a documentary project, writing for a political comedy show, and authoring a book about Georgetown’s reparations movement.

Upon completing his undergraduate degree, Miles hopes to give back to his respective communities in whatever form that takes. Miles is interested in careers involving law, journalism, and education.

As a CHCI intern, Miles hopes to be at the forefront of a legislative agenda that seeks to diminish the effects of natural disasters and health crises on communities of color. This year and in previous years, communities of color have been disproportionately affected by several large-scale, adverse events. As the country still heals from a deadly, global pandemic, legislators of color have the opportunity to ensure this phenomenon ceases to exist.