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Fall 2020 CHCI-Coca-Cola Intern

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
School: University of San Francisco
Major: Politics

Alondra Ramos was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She is a proud first-generation daughter of immigrant parents from Mexico. Growing up in a mixed-status family has made Alondra dedicated to immigration justice. In her first year of college, Alondra went on an immersion trip to Mexico, to learn about the Mexican perspective of migration. When she came back to campus, she used her role as a community action chair for Latinas Unidas, to bring more awareness to her community on campus. She did this through workshops about immigration in the Bay Area, including a know-your-rights workshop with lawyers from the National Lawyers Guild. She has also continued this work in the University Ministry, by participating twice in the Ignatian Solidarity Network teach-in, in D.C. There she attended workshops on migration and she lobbied on immigrants rights policy to her congressional representatives.

Alondra is currently in her last semester at the University of San Francisco, where she studies Politics, with a minor in Chicanx-Latinx studies. Upon graduation, Alondra hopes to work in community organizing through the art activism field, and her ultimate goals would be to work at the local level and then congressional politics. The main objective in her career is to work with the social issues that she is most passionate about, including immigration, education equity, and anti-gentrification policy.

As a CHCI Intern, Alondra hopes to find spaces in the congressional field where her potential can be further pushed, and she hopes to gain skills from empowering Latino leaders that are already doing important work for their communities.