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CHCI-Walmart Intern

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
School: Davenport University
Major: Legal Studies
Placement: The Office of Sen. Cortez Masto

Daniel “Danny” Caracheo is originally from the Mexican city of Celaya, Guanajuato. At the age of 5, his family immigrated to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he grew up in the Hispanic, blue-collar neighborhood of Burton Heights.

As an undocumented immigrant, he understands the need for compassionate immigration reform and legal services for the immigrant community. He is currently a senior at Davenport University, majoring in Legal Studies, to gain the knowledge needed to understand our laws and justice system. As well as their impact and how they can be improved to provide greater justice and equity for all.

Danny values community and empathy, and that is why at the age of 18, he organized a self-funded project to meet immigrant leaders and advocates from across the country to learn their stories, hardships, and victories. Groups he met with include Movimiento Cosecha, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance, the ACLU of Wyoming, Missoula Soft Landing, and many more.

As a CHCI Intern, he hopes to gain a better understanding of the legislative and policy drafting process and build relationships with congressional staff who could help facilitate future legislative meetings for the immigrant community. He also hopes to connect with other young leaders who share his passion for immigrant rights and social justice.