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CHCI-Amgen Intern

Hometown: San Jose, California
School: Stanford University
Major: Human Biology
Placement: The Office of Rep. Barbara Lee

Born in the Golden State, Gabriela “Gaby” Escobar is the proud daughter of Bolivian immigrants. Although the bountiful sunshine comes a close second, the nurturing community of the Bay is her favorite part of living on the Gold Coast. An epicenter of diversity, the Bay Area became Gaby’s first introduction to worldwide cuisine, to the bustling noises of the city, and for her family, to new beginnings. Growing up alongside her mother and younger sister, Gaby credits the perseverance and diligence of the powerful women in her home as inspirations for her pursuit of higher education.

Gaby is currently pursuing a degree in Human Biology with a minor in Computer Science at Stanford University. Her studies focus on multi-disciplinary understandings of the brain with an emphasis on public health and data science. On-campus, Gaby has found a second home collaborating with her peers in making the healthcare field more accessible to under-represented students and minorities. Gaby has also tackled projects in community health and advocacy particularly for Latinx and immigrant populations in the Bay Area. An impassioned advocate for equity in health, Gaby believes social policies are health policies.

As a CHCI Intern, she hopes to gain greater insight into the legislative process as it pertains to establishing socio-economic infrastructure for underrepresented communities. Gaby hopes to carry these lessons forward pursuing an MD/MPH with the goal of creating sustainable public health interventions to address health inequities.