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Hometown: Union Gap, Washington
School: Heritage University
Major: Social Work
Placement: The United Farm Workers of America

Elvia Valdovinos Cruz was born in Coalcoman Michoacan, Mexico. She is the youngest of eleven siblings and the first female in her family who is pursuing higher education. When she was ten years old, she was given the opportunity to move to the U.S. where she was to continue her education. As a first-generation student attending college, Elvia understands the importance of pursuing a higher education. Since she started her education in the U.S., she was involved with the College Success Foundation, the Family Career and Community Leaders of America, Running Start Program, CAMP Program, Trio Program, and is a volunteer at the Yakima Memorial Hospital.

Elvia is a current freshman at Heritage University majoring in Social Work and minoring in Psychology. Upon completing her undergraduate degree, she hopes to obtain a master’s degree in Social Work, and if possible, a Ph.D. Her goal is to work for an organization that allows her to serve immigrants, refugees, and minorities in the United States by providing counseling, connecting individuals to valuable resources, and advocating for the preservation of policies and programs that benefit these communities.

As a CHCI Intern, Elvia hopes to educate herself and learn the process of policymaking, as well as obtain an insight on the processes that play a role in preserving policies that are geared towards supporting minority communities. She that this experience will help her reach her goal of serving undermined communities.