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Fall 2020 CHCI-Prudential Intern

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
School: Cleveland State University
Major: Finance

Born in Puerto Rico, Juan is the son of Dominican and Venezuelan immigrants who came to the island looking for a better life in the ’90s. Seeing their hard work and perseverance, Juan was determined to make the best of his life and make his parents proud. He is currently enrolled as a Junior at Cleveland State University pursuing a major in finance and a minor in music. He strongly believes that everyone should live up to their potential and become the very best they can be with the gifts that they have.

As a first-generation student, Juan understands the value of education and the power that lies therein. However, Juan also understands the value of giving back. Juan has tirelessly worked for students and the surrounding community through his involvement in student government; from organizing events where the international community is honored, to organizing sock drives for the homeless in the community, Juan is always thinking about how to help others. He frequently goes on missionary trips to the Dominican Republic and volunteers as a pianist at his local church.

As a CHCI Intern, Juan believes that he will strengthen his knowledge in the legislative process. He also believes the internship will allow a deeper insight into how the government affects the financial world and create an impact through his involvement in the program. He hopes that he will gain the experience necessary to continue to effect change in his community and the world.