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Leo Acosta, CHCI-Facebook Participant
Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland
School: University of Virginia
Major: Computer Science

Leonardo “Leo” Acosta is a freshman at the University of Virginia studying computer science. Leo‘s philosophical personality means that he is always asking questions, making him the perfect candidate for pursuing his aspirations.

He is a devoted member of the International Residential College as a First-Year Representative as well as a member of the Machine Learning Club and First-Year Council. Aside from academics, his interests include gaming, investing, learning Chinese, running, and playing tennis. He hopes to build a career that aligns with his intersection of interests in computer science, while also exploring other interests. In doing so, Leo has not only become a tennis coach, but also a leader in his community.

As a CHCI participant, Leo intends to explore and pursue his interest in politics to then share his insights with his family.