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Vanessa Aguiar, CHCI-HEP CAMP Participant
Hometown: San Luis, Arizona
School: Arizona State University
Major: Political Science, Global Studies, and Philosophy

Vanessa Aguiar was born in Yuma, Arizona to parents born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and San Luis, Sonora. She is the first in her family to attend a four-year university. She is currently finishing off her first year at Arizona State University while pursuing three degrees of Political Science, Global Studies, and Philosophy. Vanessa serves as a role to other members in her community who are also seeking higher education. Watching both of her parents struggle to earn a better future for her and her brother by working relentlessly in the fields inspired her to make their sacrifice worth every ounce of sweat. The economic hardships Vanessa witnessed has motivated her in her academic endeavors to succeed and excel. Vanessa claims that adversity has been an opportunity for personal growth. Vanessa is a resilient and passionate student who aspires to become a lawyer for the United Nations and advocate for international human rights. Performing service for her community and others abroad is not only Vanessa’s dream, but it is her future.

As a CHCI and CAMP participant, Vanessa intends to utilize the opportunity to grow as a leader in her community. She plans to use what she learns here and apply it in her future endeavors. Vanessa will continue to serve all members of the Latinx community and fulfill her passion for service.