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Teresa Campos, CHCI-Toyota Participant
Hometown: Morrow, Georgia
School: Brandeis University
Major: Politics and Business

Teresa was born in Sacramento, California but was raised in Morrow, Georgia by her parents who are the first-generation Mexican immigrants. Teresa grew up in a low-income community and attended a Title 1 public school which exposed her to the educational disparities that disproportionally affect Black and Brown populations. This has enabled her passion for education equity policy, leading her to participate in Breakthrough Greater Boston, a program that works to fill the opportunity gaps many low-income students often face.
Teresa is a rising senior at Brandeis University as an Atlanta Posse Scholar, majoring in Politics and Business. She spends her time on campus working with the admissions office to create diversity and inclusion programming for Brandeis’s fly-in events for first-generation students. Upon graduation, Teresa hopes to pursue a J.D. in Education to further advocate for the education equity rights of Black and Brown students. Eventually, she hopes to run for Congress herself.

As a CHCI participant, Teresa hopes to learn how to create effective and impactful to protect communities of color. She also hopes to learn how to adequately use her platform to provide these same communities with resources and information that will facilitate upward mobility.