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CHCI-Coca-Cola Foundation Intern

Hometown: Miami, Florida
School: Florida International University
Major: International Relations
Placement: The Office of Rep. Kathy Castor

Amelia was born and raised in Miami, Florida by her parents who immigrated to the United States from Honduras and Argentina in their early 20s. As the first woman in her family to go to college in the U.S., Amelia understands the importance of completing her education and helping others to overcome barriers that could prevent them from not doing the same. Amelia has been selected to take part in several nationwide and worldwide fellowships for her social venture, Charitable Donations with the UN Millennium Fellowship, Clinton Global University Initiative, and the Fowler Global Social Innovation Challenge. Academically, she has done research for the Department of State, Southern Command, and MITRE. Additionally, she was President of the Student Ambassadors program, LEAD Team, and the Panther Community Action Board.

Amelia is currently a senior at Florida International University, majoring in International Relations with certificates in Public Policy and Human Rights & Political Transitions. Upon completing her undergraduate degree, Amelia hopes to obtain a master’s degree in conflict resolution studies with an emphasis on women and human rights before going to law school. Her ultimate career goal would be to become the Governor of Florida to address issues like homelessness, gentrification, and human trafficking.

As a CHCI Intern, Amelia hopes to strengthen her knowledge of the legislative process, as well as gain insight into U.S. international relations. She hopes to use this experience to make a difference in her community and inspire other women to do the same.