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Fall 2020 CHCI-UPS Intern

Hometown: Melissa, Texas
School: University of North Texas
Major: History

Daisy Hernandez is originally from Colorado Springs but has been living in Texas since 2018. Her mother is from Weslaco, Texas and her father immigrated from Veracruz, Mexico. Both of her parents are military veterans. Following in her parent’s footsteps, Daisy understands the importance of public service. As a result, she has been active on campus in helping represent her university’s interests at the state Capitol. Daisy has also been active in her university’s chapter of IGNITE, a non-profit organization that seeks to encourage young women to be involved in politics, and she even attended IGNITE’s 2019 national conference in D.C. Daisy has always strived to make sure Latinas are represented and to make her parents proud.

Daisy is currently a senior at the University of North Texas, majoring in history with a minor in political science. Her focus is on U.S. history and she chose to study this alongside political science because she believes one cannot understand current politics without understanding the history of what has made up our modern society. Upon completing her undergraduate degree, Daisy hopes to earn a master’s degree in public administration in order to gain a better understanding of government and policy. Her ultimate career goals include returning to Colorado and working in local government in order to diversify the representation of the state.

As a CHCI Intern, Daisy hopes to gain more knowledge on the legislative process and use this experience to help the Latino community advance in politics.